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Contemporary Art: What It Is and Some Little-Known Influences

Photo Courtesy of Sybaris Collection

Contemporary Art seems to encompass all types of art in today’s world. But in its simplest form, it refers to all types of art created “today”; but what does “today” mean in art terms? It is generally accepted that contemporary art period began at the end of the modern art period, around the mid- to late-1960’s.  One defining factor of contemporary art is the focus on ideas or interests, rather than the beauty or appeal of the artwork. Additionally, under the umbrella of contemporary art, one can name several movements, including:
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Art Advice-How to Bid in an Art Auction
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Art Advice: How to Bid in an Art Auction

An art auction is thrilling; the beauty of the art work, the rush of the auctioneer’s sing-song chatter, the excitement when the hammer drops. Even online auctions have a sense of urgency when the countdown clock is nearing the end and bidders vie for the final bid before the timer runs out. But before you reach for your buyer number or raise your hand (whether to scratch your nose or purchase a work of art), are you truly ready for the fast pace of an art auction?

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Financial Benefits of Collecting Art

Art is emotional and for many, not associated with financial benefit. With works of art, one is attracted to art; the style, genre, colors, story, and sometimes even the artist who created it.  However, if you could obtain something that could give you pleasure and reap financial reward, wouldn’t you consider it? Although art collecting is often associated with wealthy individuals who are looking only to fill their homes and businesses with beauty, there is a financial side of building an assortment of artworks. Let’s consider some of the advantages of collecting art.

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The Origins of the French Salon

When one considers the “society” aspect of the art world, images of highly educated, art professionals and dreamy-eyed, flamboyant artists may come to mind. Whether or not this may represent a true picture of the art world (hint—it doesn’t), it leads to the question “How did this exclusive atmosphere originate?” The world of art and philosophical discussion was borne in the French Salon.

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Digital Art-How do you display it?

Digital Art-this innovative new technique is practically a buzzword in the world of art. Many collectors are interested in obtaining pieces they have discovered in galleries, but struggle with one of the most obvious dilemmas: How do we display digital art? Since digital art comes in a variety of styles, from videos shown on a large screen to digitally-created sculptures, there are equal numbers of options for displaying digital pieces. The other concern is this: what is the best environment for showcasing digital art works? From lighting to audio, digital works come with their own unique challenges. Here are some of the top tips for displaying digital art.

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Building an Art Collection in Today’s Art Market

The art market is an exciting one. From fast-paced art auctions to huge art fairs such as Art Basel Miami (attracting over 75,000 visitors), it is both enjoyable and thrilling to see the wide variety of art works represented by thousands of unique artists worldwide. Additionally, with the popularity of online display and sales growing annually, one doesn’t have to look far to find works of all genres, techniques, and price ranges. But discovering and enjoying art are separate from building a collection of art works. Therefore, here are a few tips to building your own art collection in today’s art market.

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