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You Want to Collect Art
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You Want to Collect Art? Why Not Invest In It Too!

Art is timeless. There are few times in one’s life, which is void of the appreciation of creativity and beauty found in human artistic expression. Collecting art brings to mind many things: memories, sharing inspirations with others, even passing on something of meaning to future generations. Why, then, not consider the financial investment made when art is purchased and displayed?

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The Global Online Art Market & Look Ahead

There was a time that when one heard the words “Art Market”, what came to mind were places like Christie’s or Sotheby’s. But along with the rest of consumer sales, the buying and selling of fine art and collectibles is now found online. Yes, Christie’s and Sotheby’s have established an online bidding aspect to their services, but they are only a few of many organizations who have gone global. In fact, in more recent years, hundreds of art museums and galleries have made works available online for prospective buyers.

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