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Our Editorial Selections 03/2

By Sybaris Collection



Title: Käthe Kollwitz: A Survey of Her Work 1867 – 1945

Author: Hannelore Fischer

Editorial: Hirmer Publishers

Place: Germany, 2020

208 pp.

Käthe Kollwitz (Königsberg, 1867 – Moritzburg, 1945) is a German artist who has unanimously obtained favorable opinions from critics and the public. Interested in politics, particularly feminism (she studied at the Munich School of Female Artists in 1889), her work achieved its highest recognition at the end of the First World War.

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Our Editorial Selections 03/1

By Sybaris Collection


Find in our biweekly selection the most interesting books to collect. Research, museum catalogs, artist books, biographies … our editorial selection gives an account of the highlights of the art world to consult at home.

Title: Vasarely Le Partage des formes

Author: Direction de Michel Gauthier and Arnauld Pierre

Editorial: Centre Pompidou

Place:  France, 2019

232 pp.

Victor Vasarely was an artist dedicated to op art. Although he studied medicine, his interest in abstract art was more than genuine. When thinking about his name, it is common for the viewer to see the image of his vibrant works of color, made between 1960 and 1970.

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Editorial Selection, News

Editorial Selections


Tittle: On Being an Artist

Author: Michael Craig-Martin

Editorial: Art / Books

Place: Los Angeles, 2019

304 pp.

This is an erudite, insightful and amenable readable collection. Few living artists can claim to have had the influence of Michael Craig-Martin in the artworld. He was born in 1941 and he has been celebrated internationally for his art; he has also helped many generations of younger artists. His teachings have combined personal example and individual guidance, offering students insights gained from his own professional highs and lows. On Being an Artist, which partakes from memory and practical instruction, mixes reminiscence, personal philosophy, self-examination and advice for young artists. In a series of interesting episodes, Craig-Martin expresses himself with wit and candor on many ideas and concepts, events and people that have inspired and shaped him throughout his life, from his childhood in postwar America through his time as an art student in the 1960s and subsequent work as an art teacher, to his international success in later years.

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