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Book Reviews, The Provocation Column

Book Review: The Value of Art by Michael Findlay

The valuation of art is a fickle thing; so many non-concrete factors come into play in the art world, a volatile one where art careers and collections can be easily changed based on emotions rather than traditional explanations. The Value of Art offers readers assistance in deciphering this complicated world. Combined with humor and wit, Michael Findlay provides explanations to guide art lovers through the twists and turns of the art world, yet reminds us that first foremost, one must find artworks to LOVE.

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Book Reviews for Sybaris Collection
Book Reviews, The Provocation Column

Book Review: Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton

For those interested in learning about the world of contemporary art, in its diverse markets which can be considered different art “worlds”, Sarah Thornton delves deep to offer readers an inside look. Rather than creating a guide for those already knowledgeable about the world of art and the markets where it can be found, Thornton offers readers a glimpse into what a day could appear in each art-focused culture. From a live auction at Christie’s to THE Art Basel fair in Switzerland, and various creative locations in between, art and the art civilization are at the heart of Thornton’s book.

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