Issue 011

Art Advisory, Investing in Art, Issue 011, Trends in Art

How to Include Urban Art in Your Collection

Urban art is a different breed of animal for many art collectors. However, it has exploded in popularity along with the increase in the display of large-scale public artworks. It is easy to understand why collectors, both young and old, would want to add these fascinating pieces to their homes and offices. There is a big difference between a work of art on the side of a bur or abandoned manufacturing plant and artwork in one’s office or living room.
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Art Advisory, Investing in Art, Issue 011, Trends in Art

Remarkable Urban Art Pieces and Their Creators

Urban art has taken the art world by storm, and it can be found in many art-centric cities in fairs and shows. However, with the current boom, there are genuinely some outstanding examples of urban art worth giving special notice. The following are a few of some remarkable pieces, along with a few interesting tidbits about their creation or fascinating information about the artists who created them:

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Art History, Investing in Art, Issue 011, Trends in Art

The Rise of Urban Art

The term urban art, sometimes known as street art, is fast becoming a widely-accepted, and popular form of artistic expression. As an expression of pop art, urban art comes in many styles and tells many stories. From large-scale works in public locations to smaller pieces suitable for private ownership and display, urban art is fast becoming more than just interesting works noticed by passersby. However, this ancient art is an idyllic blend of creativity and articulation, one which may have only recently been accepted as ART but has always been considered EXPRESSION.

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Featured Artist, Issue 011

Featured Artist, Street Art Collective Mentalgassi

Walking among the streets of Berlin, pedestrians encounter a U-Bahn ticket machine with the face of a blonde woman, her mouth the ticket receptacle. Utility poles are covered by a large-than-life size photo of an angry (or happy, or surprised) individuals. A concrete dividing wall with an overhanging tree is painted with the face of a woman, the leaves and branches as a full head of “curly” hair. These are some of the examples of the street art found throughout Berlin, and the work of Mentalgassi.
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