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Digital Art’s Impact on the Fine Art Market

Historically, art was considered only something you could see and touch. Thus, it was easily controlled and managed, with galleries and museums restricting access to (and maintaining the value of) works in limited locations. With the evolution of the online world, art enthusiasts can locate art in its various facilities for viewing and purchasing. In addition, the digital world has provided tools and technology which the artists themselves use to create unique and immersive works which can be seen in person or online from any viewer’s home. With such easy access to portable works of art, how has the fine art market responded?

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Digital Art Museums for Sybaris Collection
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Digital Art Museums You Shouldn’t Miss

Although many modern art museums have made strides in welcoming digital art exhibits, either in temporary or small permanent displays, few have made this genre the main event of the facility. Additionally, the digital nature of this art means that it can be exhibited anywhere, and dedicated facilities are not only unnecessary, but uncommon as digital exhibitions are displayed at various locations regularly. If you are looking specifically for digital art exhibitions, the following museums have dedicated the majority, if not all, their exhibition space to digital works.

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Featured Artist, New Media Artist Ozan Turkkan

The works of Turkish artist Ozan Turkkan exemplify the blend of art and technology. By combining artistic skill, computer applications and multimedia presentations, Turkkan provides viewers with an immersive experience practically unheard of until recently. By drawing on his multicultural experiences and the variety of cultures he has resided in throughout his lifetime, Turkkan offers a universal understanding of humanity with a focus on entering the subconscious or deeper reality.

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What is Digital Art?

As can be typical of discussions surrounding the use of computers to advance various human activities, where does “digital” become “art”? Digital art uses technology to build upon established skills in other traditional art forms, and is only one step forward in mankind’s effort to express himself through creative activities. But to look further into how we got to this point, we must consider how it came about, what defines digital art, and examine some of the leaders and works which represent outstanding digital art.

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