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Top Figurative Painting Sales in Auction Houses

Since the popularity of the internet and online purchasing, globalism has allowed a strengthened art market to take shape, as artists and works previously found only in regional markets began to dot the landscapes of New York, Paris, and London in record numbers. In the early years of this new era, contemporary and abstract works by international artist were found everywhere, and figurative art seemed only a blip on the screen of art sales.

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Santiago Pani – Figurative Art in Paint, Engraving and Sculpture

Third generation Mexico City artists Santiago Pani never truly had to “discover” art; he simply understood creativity through his father and grandfather, along with the art culture he was exposed to as a child. It was an international trip and the museums he visited throughout this experience, however, which set his heart and mind to creating his own works. With interests varying from the minute world of bugs to the expansive world of space, Santiago Pani explores the connections humans have with the elements of existence.

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Figurative Art — Commemorating the Human Experience

From time when humans first drew an image on the wall of a prehistoric cave (the oldest known figurate drawing is that of a bibirusa pig deer from Indonesia), recreating images seen in real life has been a form of artistic expression. In an effort to describe the world around him, man (and woman) has put pencil, chalk, and paint to a surface to draw figures; animals, humans, things of nature and manmade objects. However, this type of artistic expression was no more than what was expected: recreating reality. Giving this type of art an actual name is a more recent event.

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