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Art Mag, Issue 007, Museum Highlight, Trends in Art

Two Houses of Art: H Queens and Pedder Buildings

Although touted as one of the biggest art markets in the world (behind only London and New York), Hong Kong simply did not have a showcase building for art galleries. However, a new era begins with an addition to the landscape, H Queens, and the rejuvenation of a grand old building, the Pedder Building. The art scene of Hong Kong is destined for greatness with the addition of these outstanding structures to present a variety of artworks in this growing market. In a creative yin and yang atmosphere, the old and the new together offer collectors two different atmospheres when looking for art.

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Art Mag, Issue 007, Trends in Art

The Growth of the Asiatic Art Market

The economic growth in the East has been steady in recent years. As economies grow, populations increase, and with them comes the flourish of cultural appreciation and increased artistic creation. The art scene in the East has been consistently rising amid growth in galleries, private and museums, and a many high net worth individuals. Hong Kong has become a leader in the art world, standing only behind London and New York. The annual ArtTactic report, a collaboration of Rawlison & Hunter and W/R/B Underwriting, investigates the evolution of the art market in Asia, bringing to light some of the trends which have changed in recent years.

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Art Basel in Hong Kong 6th Edition

Featuring works of art from 248 participating galleries as well as international museums and institutions, Art Basel in Hong Kong is a celebration of art in Asia, from North to South, East to West, and offers a glimpse into the growing appreciation of art and unique talents found in this lesser-known (but exploding) art market. Hong Kong, a bustling and beautiful metropolis which is second only to London and New York as a leader in art commerce, is the perfect place to showcase some of the 3000 works of art.

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