Issue 003

Art Mag, Featured Artist, Issue 003

Nate Ethier-Bold Abstraction Artist

Abstract artist Nate Ethier brings an explosion of color into a room with his flashy geometric structures, demonstrating symmetry and control of space. His combination of strong lines and soft brush strokes showcase a complex humanity, exemplifying relationships with the varying patterns, depths, and colors within each work of abstraction. Son of a carpenter, Ethier uses tools similarly to exhibit structure and visual changes within the work. The patterns he creates balance comfort with challenge, as he introduces new elements to the familiar grid.

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Art Mag, Art Techniques, Issue 003

Art Technique: Geometric Abstraction

Although abstract art may be difficult to understand to the average viewer, it is not so difficult to define. Best explained as a type of art which makes no attempt to recreate a recognizable object, abstract art demands the viewer decide for himself/herself what the work is expressing. Abstract art is considered an “intellectual” art, providing viewers with inspiration without explanation.
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Art History, Art Mag, Issue 003

Art History Briefing: Formalism in Art

“What is Art?” and how does one determine a piece of artwork is a masterpiece? Formalism is a term to describe an approach by art critics to examine and evaluate works of art, and is perhaps one of the oldest methods to evaluate art. This approach is the basis of what we now call art criticism, and even could be considered one reason artists are driven to learn and improve upon their natural abilities.
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