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Guide to Boring Parts of Collecting Art
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New Collector’s Guide to the Most Important Parts of Collecting Art

There is no doubt that collecting art is inherently exciting. The process of searching for pieces that inspire you, visiting art fairs, auction, galleries, and even museums. There is a rush of adrenaline when you have chosen the one you want, and especially in the technique of bartering or bidding at an auction. Finally, the idea of having the piece displayed somewhere in your home to show off for visitors and enhancing your residence or office.

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ABC's of Art Lingo in Sybaris Collection
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The ABC’S of Art-Learning the Lingo!

Entering the art world as a new collector is exhilarating—part excitement, part anxiety, and you most likely feel the pressure to appear knowledgeable. Although it does take many years to fully understand the industry, the market, and even the study of art in general.  Having a primer of terms will help you comprehend the culture of the art world, and give you some insight into some of the seemingly conditions terms you will encounter.

Let’s delve into some of the more distinctive terms you will find while navigating the art world:

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2017 Art Fairs Worth Attending in Sybaris Collection
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Some of the World’s Best Art Fairs

The phenomenon is real; art fairs have changed the world of art gallery purchasing. With the increase of the global market, art fairs are now one of the most popular stages for galleries and artists alike to gain popularity, meet other participants, and increase sales in ways not feasible a decade ago. Further, in today’s world of maximum efficiency, visitors get the most “bang for their buck,” encountering more pieces of artwork in a brief period than ever before.  In fact, gallery sales at art fairs increased to 40% of all gallery sales since 2014. This venue allows galleries worldwide to come to one location, increasing their traffic exponentially, and provides one-stop shopping for collectors, as well as socialize and attend educational opportunities with other like-minded people.

With so many fairs to choose from, these are some of the top choices in international art fairs.

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Prepare for an Art Fair in Sybaris Collection
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How to Prepare for Attending an Art Fair

Art Fairs can be a bustling, exciting place to view art from a variety of artists; they can also be crowded, intimidating places filled with collectors who already know what they are seeking. Fear not! You can attend—and enjoy—art fairs with a little bit of legwork. Once a place for younger, less notable artists to get their feet wet and their work into the hands of enthusiasts, art fairs are becoming more premier events where artists and galleries strive to build their reputation from “well-known” to “famous.” They are attended by dealers, critics, collectors, curators, and aspiring gallerists alike, and the value of this type of networking cannot be measured. It has become a “see and be seen” type of venue, and worth attending. Here are some suggestions which can make your first few fair experiences just that fair.

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