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Our blog and monthly magazine are open to fresh ideas! If you are interested in having your work published, read all the details below and apply now!

How it works

1. Write something interesting!
Share your thinking about any art-related topic that appeals to you. The length of the post is a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 500. All facts and quotes must be sourced. We have many categories in the blog, your text may fall into any of them!

2. Send us your text
You may submit a post to us at any time. We hope that everyone will be able to be a guest blogger, no matter how new or how seasoned you are to the art world or blogging. We can always learn something from someone else.

3. See it published on the blog
Once your post is submitted and reviewed by our editorial board, we will add to our schedule and let you know the day we plan to post it.

4. Get recommended or featured!
When a post meets our editorial standards, it will be recommended to our readers. If your post is on the Top 5 Posts of the month you’ll be featured on the monthly ARTmag or included in our monthly newsletter.

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