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Maintaining Your Art Collection: The Art Catalogue

There may come a time when an art enthusiast has built up an extensive collection, or pieces are displayed in several locations, or a collector wants to have their collection appraised for resale, review for insurance purposes, or for estate planning. For whatever the reason, a thorough catalogue of an art collection ensures that collectors know exactly what they have, where it is located, and vital details for valuation and planning.
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Featured Artist

Raghava KK: “A Journey from Cartoons to Participatory Art”

Indian-born artist Raghava KK entered the world of art through self-discovery. Discovering a skill, he could be proud of in the midst of a Catholic school where he was not academically or athletically gifted; he delved into cartooning. Upon leaving school, he began a career in drawing cartoons—providing his services wherever he could, and always sharing his love of drawing with children. Not only did he teach them, but they did the same, teaching him spontaneity, laughter, and the freedom of expression.
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