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Raghava KK: “A Journey from Cartoons to Participatory Art”

Indian-born artist Raghava KK entered the world of art through self-discovery. Discovering a skill, he could be proud of in the midst of a Catholic school where he was not academically or athletically gifted; he delved into cartooning. Upon leaving school, he began a career in drawing cartoons—providing his services wherever he could, and always sharing his love of drawing with children. Not only did he teach them, but they did the same, teaching him spontaneity, laughter, and the freedom of expression.
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Art History, Art Techniques

Art History Briefing: Acrylic Painting

As artistic mediums are considered, acrylic paint is in its infancy. Developed by house painters looking for a safer alternative to lead-based paints, this medium was quickly embraced by artists for its versatility.  New processes and techniques are being explored and exploited by artists of all types today, and it will undoubtedly continue to evolve far into the future.  Read more

Art Advisory, Investing in Art, New Collector

Tips for Preserving Your Fine Art Collection

Buying your first piece of artwork, adding to, or even completing your collection is just the beginning of a long-term relationship. Like a marriage, you need to nurture your collection, preserving its condition and value. There are some simple (and more complicated) ways to maintain your pieces to ensure their long-term health. The key to preserving your fine art collection is maintenance, by understanding these conditions of ownership:
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Trends in Art

Art Trends: Pop Up Art Exhibits

Pop Up Art Exhibits have become a successful addition to the art world. In a world where art exhibitions may be scheduled up to three years in advance, and young emerging artists struggle to find avenues to promote their work, the idea that small spaces could be used for short term periods is attractive. With empty retail space located in large metropolitan areas worldwide, pop up art exhibits have become an innovative way for artists to showcase their work, on their own terms and schedule.
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