Natural Interventions

Joshua Jobb

In Joshua Jobbs’s work, play has an important role as part of his creative process. Most of his pieces are the result of walking and exploring the public spaces and the sourroundings of different contexts. That is why his work is closely related with the theories and thoughts of writers such as Julio Cortázar, Aldos Huxley or Jorge Luis Borges. In this context, Intervenciones naturales is an exclusive curatorial project by Sybaris in which te relationship between the accident and the unexpected, the natural and the artificial, and the ordinary and the extraordinary of the daily life become into visual and playfull explorations.

Joshua Jobb

Joshua Jobb is a Mexican visual artist, born on 1984. He was part of SOMA’s Academic Program and Summer SOMA. His solo exhibitions include Relaciones de juego at Salón ACME and Una forma de ser es transcurrir at Taller 7, among many others. Through different interests such as walking and traveling as a device for encounters and ideas, the use of language, humor and play operations, as well as paying attention to the characteristics and material possibilities that certain objects throw into the public space; Jobb makes different sculptural approaches (gestures, actions, interventions, etc …), images and installations in relation to the ideas of entertainment, work and consumption.

The aesthetics of chance.

Making off Joshua Jobb, 2019, “Plano de Agitación”.